Educational and Training Video Production

At Epistudios we combine an expert understanding of adult educational design with high quality video production. Increasingly, companies are looking to bite-sized, dynamic and engaging videos to communicate key safety and wellbeing messages.

Our training video production team will help you improve the way you communicate safety messages, maximising the knowledge retention of your staff. We believe that to be effective, every video should be dynamic, engaging and informative. We're passionate about coming along on the journey with our clients to create communication strategies that hit the spot with your target audience.

Understanding the subject

By working with our clients and investing in detailed research, our educational video production will ensure your audience gets the precise insight you require. Our instructional video productions can streamline induction and training times, improving delivery of on-site training and enhancing staff welfare.

Education and training videos with a difference

  • Carefully designed educational and training videos
  • Full safety communication strategies
  • Built on industry leading and Australian standards
  • On-site shooting, showcasing staff excellence
  • Simple, straightforward language
  • Our team includes WHS subject matter experts
  • Corporate branding to meet company design guidelines

From standardised video safety training material to highly individualised and customised productions, Epistudios video productions will streamline and enhance your organisation’s educational safety and training requirements.

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