Documentary Video Production

We believe that every business has a story; our documentary services will let you share it with the world.

Too often companies communicate their messages with dull and lifeless presentations. Our team of filmmakers will produce a film with heart that can capture the full breadth and scope of your organisation.

Storytelling is key

We’ve partnered with leading organisations across Australia and abroad to produce films that document key stories, moments and milestones in these organisations’ lives. Our focus is getting the best out of the subjects and having real people telling real stories. The results are authentic and captivating productions to help position your business brand with customers.

Epistudios documentary services

  • Narrative-based filmmaking
  • Full scripting, storyboarding, location production, editing and project management
  • Detailed multi-day location shoots
  • Transparent, documented key project milestones
  • Cutting edge equipment and filming techniques
  • Leading post-production and video-editing services.

Epistudios documentaries at work

Shell’s Prelude project is the world’s largest floating facility and first ever Floating Liquified Natural Gas (FLNG) plant. For the last three years Epistudios has been working with Shell to document key milestones in this ground-breaking project. Our documentary team has flown around the world to capture the construction and installation, allowing Shell to share the journey with customers and personnel across the globe.

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