Virtual Reality e-Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the emerging fields in corporate training and communications.

WIth costs rapidly falling, VR is now within reach of many businesses looking to create a fully immersive experience. At Epistudios we have a track record building VR tours and 360 degree explorable experiences. Our team can build a fully customisable VR experience, whether that be transporting your clients or staff to tour remote indigenous communities, or allowing them to walk inside a fully operational LNG plant. With VR design, the limit is your imagination; Epistudios is on hand to to make it a reality.

With more advanced VR experiences staff can be delivered first-hand experience of work processes and hazardous situations, allowing you to quickly upskill staff and prepare them for every possible scenario. This can all be achieved from the comfort of their own computers or mobile devices.

VR learning allows staff to be trained in dangerous processes from the relative safety of the office. It could be something simple like building a VR orientation of an office or a major worksite. Epistudios’ VR e-Learning will allow you to walk staff through escape routes, fire exits and key emergency procedures before they reach the site.

Why build a VR world with Epistudios

  • 360 degree camera technology to capture worksites
  • Dazzle clients from the comfort of the board-room
  • Detailed interactive programming to allow exploration and discovery
  • Engaging brain and body through fun, interactive experiences
  • Safe cost-effective options for high-risk or remote training
  • Improves the uptick of critical skills and information through immersive experience

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