Gamification integrates game mechanics into your website or LMS in a bid motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty.

If you want to take your corporate experience to the next level, Epistudios can help you experiment with the gamification of content for both clients and staff. ‘Recognition and reward’ are two of the simplest ways to motivate people to learn. Using gamification, Epistudios can help you harness these drivers to connect and engage your audience.

On a training level, gamification is being widely accepted as one of the most effective ways to craft an engaging e-Learning experience and generate noticeable behavioural change. Epistudios’ gamification-based approach encourages learners to apply their training to real-life scenarios in a controlled environment. These programs can include choose-your-own-adventure storylines, feature rich challenges or be developed with reward-based systems. They’re proven to better enhance knowledge retention, and create lasting change within organisations.

Epistudios gamification practice focus:

  • Challenges – mapped to your organisation’s needs
  • Levels – a learning-based path, that grows with client/staff progress
  • Feedback – instant responses that aid with progress
  • Competition and rewards – to encourage user participation and asses standing
  • Collaboration – allowing for individuals to work with their teams to complete and understand subject matter
  • Analytics – a metrics-based system that allows you to monitor progress

Epistudios can also help with the gamification of your business. We can build fun and engaging online portals that will help clients understand and better connect with your brand. Whether it be a simple interactive exploration of your latest product or a complex competition-based engagement strategy, our team of specialist have you covered.

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