Epistudios is focused on making e-Learning straightforward and accessible to all. Built on a backbone of expert workplace health and safety knowledge, we are leaders in e-Learning development, design and deployment.

Our e-Learning designers will create a custom package that actively engages your staff and ensures the delivery of critical skills and information. We believe e-Learning should be an experience that engages your audience, and leaves them feeling empowered.

Custom e-Learning Production

Our custom e-Learning development allows Epistudios to build systems that will suit all levels of business. From clean and simple online Learning Management Systems (LMS) to the creation of dynamic games based projects, Epistudios is focused on cutting edge eLearning design.

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Gamification integrates game mechanics into your website or LMS in a bid to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. Epistudios applies the data-driven techniques developed in the gaming industry to non-gaming experiences. If you want to take your corporate experience to the next level, Epistudios can help you experiment with the gamification of content for both clients and staff.

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Virtual Reality e-Learning

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the emerging fields in corporate training and communications. With costs rapidly falling, VR is now within reach of any business wishing to create a fully immersive experience. At Epistudios we have a track record building VR tours of new developments and 360 degree explorable experiences.
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Learning Management System (LMS)

Epistudios have partnered with leading LMS provider Learnupon, to offer our clients a fully managed LMS to host and deliver your e-Learning Modules. Deliver your courses and track results quickly and easily at scale.
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